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Weekly Meal Planner - Notion Template

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Quick and easy meal planning

Eat better and save time and money by planning your week's meals in less than 10 minutes.

What's inside?

Two versions of the Weekly Meal Planner are available depending on your needs.


Drag and drop recipes. Planning is that simple

Plan your meals for the week in less than two minutes simply by dragging and dropping the recipes into your week.

At the start of a new week, reset your week in one click of a button.

Create your grocery list in less than a minute

Once your week is planned, prepare your shopping list in just a few minutes.

Go through the recipes of the week and drop the missing ingredients into your shopping list.

Add the ingredients you buy regularly in one click.

Save recipes in one click

Adding a recipe is done in two clicks with the Notion Web Clipper browser extension.

Simply click on the extension, select your recipe database and save. The recipe with the ingredients and instructions is automatically added and you'll find it easily in the most recent recipes.

Keep your recipes organized

Organize your recipes by type of dish and cuisine, add tags to make them even easier to find, rate your recipes and mark your favorites. Archive those you no longer need.

Save the meal plans you liked

Save the meal plans you liked so you can reschedule them more quickly in the future.

Create recipe books and collections

Create recipe books and collections to group several recipes under a common theme.


Plan your meals up to 4 weeks in advance

With the advanced version, plan meals up to four weeks in advance. You will only have to think about it once a month.

Create a global shopping list in just a few minutes, organized by week. So you can buy all non-perishable products at once and perishable products every week.


What is Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one platform that allows you to bring together all your tasks, projects and notes in one place.

What's a Notion template?

A Notion template is a ready-to-use page or set of pages. Simply duplicate the template in your Notion workspace and start using it. A premium template requires tens or even hundreds of hours of work. This type of template allows you to exploit all of Notion's capabilities without having to spend time building it.

Is it customizable?

You can customize the template as you see fit.

Will I be able to use it if I'm a Notion beginner?

All of our templates are designed so that they are powerful while still being accessible to beginner Notion users. Set up instructions are included in the template and you will find help sections throughout the template if necessary.

How do I download and duplicate the template into my Notion workspace?

You will receive an email which will allow you to access the template in one click. Once on the template, all you need to do is duplicate the template on your Notion workspace. This is done in one click.

Is it possible to schedule the same recipe for multiple meals and/or multiple days?

Yes, you can schedule the same recipe on multiple days of the week and on multiple meals of the same day. If you download the Premium version, you can also schedule the same recipe for multiple weeks.

Why isn't the course list automatically generated based on ingredients I no longer have in stock?

If you've looked for other meal planners on Notion, you may have noticed that some of them allow you to generate the shopping list automatically based on the ingredients you no longer have in stock. However, this system requires adding all the ingredients of a recipe to a database when you save a recipe which will take a lot of time. In addition, this system creates difficulties managing the quantities and units of ingredients. With Notionade's Weekly Meal Planner, you can save a recipe in seconds without having to worry about adding ingredients, quantities and their units while having a drag and drop system that allows you to create your shopping list quickly and easily.

Can I use it with a Notion free plan?

Yes, using this template does not require a subscription to a paid Notion plan. You can definitely use it with the free version of Notion without limitation.

Is it refundable?

Due to the nature of this product (digital goods), it is not refundable since it cannot be returned.

Do you offer a student discount?

We offer a 30% discount to students. To receive the discount, send an email to with your university address and we will send you the discount code.

And if I have more questions?

If you have any questions about the template, feel free to reach out to

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Weekly Meal Planner - Notion Template

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Weekly Meal Planner - Notion Template

30 ratings
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