Notion Shared Expenses Tracker

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Notion Shared Expenses Tracker

Nicolas Lafargue
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Track the expenses you share with someone else and know how much you owe each other.

Having a hard time tracking the household expenses with your partner or roommate?

Or are you looking for a solution to track the expenses during a trip with your partner or friend?

Either way, this template is made for you! You can use it to track the expenses you share with someone else and make sure to never forget to refund them or to be paid back.

What’s included:

  • Ability to quickly enter an expense and assign a buyer
  • Set up recurring expenses for your rent, electricity bill, Netflix subscription, etc
  • Reminders to never forget to pay your bills
  • Automatic calculation of everyone's expenses so you always know who owes how much to whom
  • Set monthly budgets for each expense category so you never overspend
  • List the furniture and products to purchase and set a priority and maximum budget for each

Who is this for?

  • Couples
  • Roommates
  • Friends
  • Anyone who shares expenses with someone else

No need to go through all the paperwork and complicated process of creating a joint bank account. Not to mention the technique of receipts to settle piling up somewhere!

Just use this Notion template and say goodbye to embarrassing money-related situations!

Note: This template works best for two persons (eg. a couple, 2 roommates, 2 friends, etc). It will work for 3 persons or more to track the expenses but it will be less easy to calculate who owes how much to whom.

Price: Pay what you want (enter 0 to get it for free!)

If you have any questions or queries, please email me at iamnicolaf@gmail.com or DM me on Twitter.

I want this!


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