Shared Expenses Tracker - Notion Template

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Keeping track of shared expenses becomes easy

The Notion Shared Expenses Tracker helps you track the expenses you share with someone else and know how much you owe each other.

What's inside?

Two versions of the Shared Expenses Tracker are available depending on your needs.


EXPENSES CAPTURE -> The easiest & fastest way to capture shared expenses.

In one click of a button, add a new expense. Simply enter the amount, select the buyer and adjust the split if needed. Set up automatic recurring expenses for things like your rent and Netflix subscription so you don't have to do it manually every month.

REAL-TIME BALANCE -> Always know who owes how much to whom.

You don't need to calculate who owes how much to whom. This is done automatically and in real time.You're notified when it's time to settle the accounts. Once you've paid yourself back, reset the balance in one click and update the reminder for the next time to settle the accounts.

EXPENSES HISTORY -> Keep access to all your expenses.

All your expenses, even once reimbursed, remain accessible. View the most recent ones, those to be reimbursed and those for which there is information to be completed. See how much you spent each month in the All by Month view.


CATEGORIES & MONTHLY BUDGETS -> Keep control of your monthly budgets.

Set a monthly budget for each category and make sure you never overspend thanks to an overview of what you spent this month and what you have left.

BILLS TO PAY -> Never forget to pay a bill.

Avoid late-payment penalties by making sure your bills are paid on time.

SHOPPING WISHLIST -> Save now, decide later.

Save items in your wishlist, assign a budget and priority to avoid overspending.

SUBSCRIPTIONS TRACKING -> No more forgotten subscriptions that aren't even used.

Track your subscriptions and recurring expenses in a calendar so you know when the next payment is. Set up a reminder to cancel a subscription before it renews.

SHARED SAVINGS ACCOUNTS -> Save for the future, together.

Create joint savings accounts for future projects, large purchases, vacations, or emergency funds. Set the amount to reach and deadline to know how much to save every month. Track individual contributions to the account.


What is Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one platform that allows you to bring together all your tasks, projects and notes in one place.

What's a Notion template?

A Notion template is a ready-to-use page or set of pages. Simply duplicate the template in your Notion workspace and start using it. A premium template requires tens or even hundreds of hours of work. This type of template allows you to exploit all of Notion's capabilities without having to spend time building it.

Is it customizable?

You can customize the template as you see fit.

Will I be able to use it if I'm a Notion beginner?

All of our templates are designed so that they are powerful while still being accessible to beginner Notion users. Set up instructions are included in the template and you will find help sections throughout the template if necessary.

How do I download and duplicate the template into my Notion workspace?

You will receive an email which will allow you to access the template in one click. Once on the template, all you need to do is duplicate the template on your Notion workspace. This is done in one click.

How do I share the template with the second user?

Both you and the person you want to use this template with must have a Notion account. Once you have duplicated the template on your workspace, all you have to do is share it with the person who will use this template with you. Detailed instructions for sharing the template are included.

Can the template be used by 3 people and more?

This template works best for two people (eg. a couple, 2 roommates, etc). It will work for 3 people or more to track the expenses but it will not allow to calculate who owes how much to whom.

Can I use it with a Notion free plan?

Yes, using this template does not require a subscription to a paid Notion plan. You can definitely use it with the free version of Notion without limitation.

Is it refundable?

Due to the nature of this product (digital goods), it is not refundable since it cannot be returned.

Do you offer a student discount?

We offer a 30% discount to students. To receive the discount, send an email to with your university address and we will send you the discount code.

And if I have more questions?

If you have any questions about the template, feel free to reach out to

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Shared Expenses Tracker - Notion Template

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Shared Expenses Tracker - Notion Template

44 ratings
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