Shared Expenses Tracker - Track the expenses you share with someone else (Notion template)

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Track the expenses you share with someone else and know how much you owe each other.

Tracking the shared expenses between two people can be overwhelming. I get it.

I live with my girlfriend and we've always had issues to track how much each one of us has spent.

The receipts were lost or forgotten somewhere for a long time and we were not sure if they were all refunded.

And opening a joint bank account was a long and complicated process for something that should be easy. It also requires trust and creates a commitment that you maybe don’t want to have right now.

And these are problems for anyone who has to share expenses with someone else, not just a couple. It can be two roommates living together, two friends going out often or traveling and who need to track the purchases they make.

That’s why I decided to create this Notion template.

My girlfriend and I have been using it for several months now and I can tell you it solved all our issues and we no longer have to worry about how much each one of us spent. Every time one of us buys something, we add the expense in just a few seconds and we can see who owes how much to whom.

Money can create a lot of complicated situations and can sometimes lead to arguments or fights. Don’t let it damage your relationship and create stress!

You now have a quick and easy-to-use solution!

This Notion template comes in two versions:


Create new expense: Create a new expense simply by clicking a button, enter the amount and the person who paid. The amount per person for the expense is automatically calculated.

Recurring expenses: Set up automatic recurring expenses for your rent, electricity bill, Netflix subscription and all other recurring expenses so that you don’t have to manually add them every time.

Amounts per Person + Settle the expenses: See how much each person has spent and mark the expenses as refunded with one click of a button. Set a reminder for the next time to settle the expenses.

Purchase List: List the furniture and products to purchase and set a priority and maximum budget for each.


Everything in Lite

Overdue Bills to Pay: See the bills you have to pay and mark them as paid once it’s done.

Automatic Balance Calculation: Always know who owes how much to whom in real time with the automatic balance calculation. No need to make a single calculation, just pay the other person (or get paid) and click a button to mark all the expenses as refunded.

Monthly Budgets + Progress Overview: Set a monthly budget for each category and make sure you never overspend with an overview of what you spent this month and what you have left in each category.

Who is this for?

✔ Couples

✔ Roommates

✔ Friends

✔ Anyone who shares expenses with someone else

No need to go through all the paperwork and complicated process of creating a joint bank account. Not to mention the technique of receipts to settle piling up somewhere!

Just use this Notion template and say goodbye to embarrassing money-related situations!

Note: This template works best for two persons (eg. a couple, 2 roommates, 2 friends, etc). It will work for 3 persons or more to track the expenses but it will be less easy to calculate who owes how much to whom.

If you have any questions or queries, please email me at or DM me on Twitter.


How will I receive the template?

After the purchase, you'll receive a link to duplicate the Notion template to your workspace.

Does this template work with a Notion Free plan?

Yes, this template works with Notion Personal Free plan.

What if I have more questions?

You can contact me at, it will be my pleasure to help you!

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Shared Expenses Tracker - Track the expenses you share with someone else (Notion template)

42 ratings
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