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Project Manager Dashboard - Notion Template

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Get your projects back on track with the Project Manager Dashboard for Notion

The Project Manager Dashboard for Notion comes with everything you need to get your projects back on track and deliver them on time. Several dashboards allow you to have an overview of all your projects and tasks or, on the contrary, to focus on a particular project or client.


Stay on top of all your ongoing projects

The Projects Dashboard gives you an overview of all your current projects. The most important projects appear at the top so you can always keep an eye on them and access them quickly. The timeline allows you to view your projects over time and identify any busy periods. All your open projects are accessible from this dashboard and can be visualized by status, client, priority and due date.


Focus on what needs to be done

From your Schedule Dashboard, access all your tasks and meetings. Keep a quick access to your most important projects. Plan your tasks and meetings and focus on what needs to be done today and in the next days. Access the notes for which you added a reminder.


Everything you need is always at hand

Open the Side/Mobile Dashboard on one side of your screen while you work on something, keeping important things in view without distractions. Stay updated on what’s left to be done today and create new tasks, notes and meetings without leaving what you are working on. Get all the essential details about your projects and clients from here. You can also use this view on mobile for faster loading and optimized user experience.


All your notes and resources organized in one place

Find all your notes and resources on one page. Organize and view your notes by status, projects, clients and tags. Pin the notes you want to quickly access to the top. Add a reminder to notes you want to return to on a specific date. Save webpages in one click using the Notion Web Clipper browser extension and access all your saved links from your bookmarks.


Dive into a specific project

The Project view provides an in-depth look into every aspect of a single project. Dive deep into the project's tasks, notes, and meetings, allowing you to stay organized and focused on one specific project.


Get a 360-degree perspective on a specific client

Effortlessly manage all the projects, tasks, notes, and meetings associated with a single client in one consolidated space. Everything about your client is here, allowing you to provide exceptional service and build a stronger relationship.

There's even more

The Project Manager Dashboard includes plenty of features that will make your daily life easier and help you better monitor your projects and satisfy your customers.

Built to be easy and fast to use, wherever you are

This template is designed to work optimally on all your devices. It looks great on desktop, laptop, tablet, and also on your phone thanks to a page designed to be used specifically on mobile.

No need to be a Notion expert

Instructions are included in the template to help you get started. The templates is easy to use even for Notion beginners. But if you get stuck somewhere and need assistance, we provide an unlimited support. Just reach out and we'll help you out.


  • What is Notion? Notion is an all-in-one platform that allows you to bring together all your tasks, projects and notes in one place.
  • What's a Notion template? A Notion template is a ready-to-use page or set of pages. Simply duplicate the template in your Notion workspace and start using it. A premium template requires tens or even hundreds of hours of work. This type of template allows you to exploit all of Notion's capabilities without having to spend time building it.
  • How do I download and duplicate the template into my Notion workspace? You will receive an email which will allow you to access the template in one click. Once on the template, all you need to do is duplicate the template on your Notion workspace. This is done in one click.
  • Can I use it with Notion free plan? Yes, this template works with Notion Personal Free plan. There is absolutely no need to subscribe to a paid Notion plan to fully use this template.
  • Is it customizable? You can customize the template as you see fit. Note, however, that this template uses several formulas, It is therefore recommended that you do not modify these formulas unless you know exactly what you are doing.
  • Will I be able to use it if I'm a Notion beginner? All of our templates are designed so that they are powerful while still being accessible to beginner Notion users. Set up instructions are included in the template and you will find help sections throughout the template if necessary.
  • Do you offer student discounts? Yes, I do provide a 30% educational discount for students! Send me an email to with your edu-issued email to receive the discount. Please note that the discount cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • What if I still have questions? If you have any questions about the template, feel free to reach out to

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Project Manager Dashboard - Notion Template

44 ratings
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