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Explorer Travel Planner - Notion Template

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Explorer Travel Planner for Notion - The ultimate all-in-one system for your travels

The Explorer Travel Planner contains everything you need to plan your trips: upcoming and past trips, personal bucket list, countries visited and progress by continent, trip dashboard, itinerary builder, mobile-optimized travel page, trip schedule, budget and expenses tracker, packing list, notes, bookings, travel journal, and more...

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Why Choose The Explorer Travel Planner?

The main difference between the Explorer Travel Planner and other Notion travel templates is that it comes with the full list of countries (196) and the Premium version provides all the necessary details about each country:

  • continent
  • language
  • currency
  • time zone
  • electric outlet type
  • urgency phone numbers (universal, police, fire, ambulance)
  • phone dial code

When planning your next trip, you won’t have to search for these. Just select the country or countries you’ll visit and everything will be there so you can focus on what you want to do during your trip.

The Explorer Travel Planner also includes a very powerful, quick and easy-to-use Itinerary Builder. You won't spend entire days building your trip itineraries anymore.

And it's very nicely designed, you'll love using it!

What's Inside?

Home Dashboard

📍 BUCKET LIST: Add to your bucket list the countries and places you want to visit, as well as the experiences you want to have.

🗓️ UPCOMING TRIPS: Get essential information about your upcoming trips at a glance. In one click, create a new trip and start planning.

✅ PAST TRIPS: Look back on your past trips and remember your most beautiful memories gathered in one place.

📈 TRAVEL PROGRESS: Keep a list of the countries and places you've visited and experiences you've had. Track your progress by continent.

Trip Dashboard

🗺️ ITINERARY BUILDER: Build your tailor-made itinerary easily and without spending entire days. A step-by-step process allows you to gather everything you would like to do and see during your vacation and then build your itinerary based on the time you have available. You can also gather all the accommodation and transport options in one place and then make your final choices.

📆 SCHEDULE / ITINERARY: Never miss a flight, activity or reservation with a detailed calendar of your vacation. At a glance you can see the entire program of your vacation, day by day. Add details to your events such as the time, address, notes and files so you always have them within reach.


  • 👫 Travel companions: Add all details about your travel companions
  • 💰 Budget and expenses: Log your expenses & track your trip's budget
  • 📝 Notes: Write notes to help you prepare your trip
  • To-Dos: List the things you have to do before your trip
  • 🔲 Areas: Create geographic areas to make planning easier
  • 🎫 Bookings manager: Track things to book and keep them on hand
  • 📒 Address book: Save your favorite addresses for future trips
  • 🧳 Packing list: List and organize what you need to pack
  • 📓 Travel Journal: Keep the best moments of your trips in one place
  • 📆 Today & Tomorrow: During your trip, quickly see what's planned for the next couple of days

The Premium version includes all the essential information for each country

Currencies, languages, time zones, electrical outlets, dial codes and emergency numbers (universal, police, fire, medical emergency).

No need to go looking for them, everything you need is already there.

Built to be easy and fast to use, wherever you are

This template is designed to work optimally on all your devices. It looks great on desktop, laptop, tablet, and also on your phone thanks to the Travel Page designed to be used specifically on mobile.

No need to be a Notion expert

Instructions are included in the template to help you get started. The templates is easy to use even for Notion beginners. But if you get stuck somewhere and need assistance, we provide an unlimited support. Just reach out and we'll help you out.


  • What is Notion? Notion is an all-in-one platform that allows you to bring together all your tasks, projects and notes in one place.
  • What's a Notion template? A Notion template is a ready-to-use page or set of pages. Simply duplicate the template in your Notion workspace and start using it. A premium template requires tens or even hundreds of hours of work. This type of template allows you to exploit all of Notion's capabilities without having to spend time building it.
  • How do I download and duplicate the template into my Notion workspace? You will receive an email which will allow you to access the template in one click. Once on the template, all you need to do is duplicate the template on your Notion workspace. This is done in one click.
  • Can I use it with Notion free plan? Yes, this template works with Notion Personal Free plan. There is absolutely no need to subscribe to a paid Notion plan to fully use this template.
  • Is it customizable? You can customize the template as you see fit.
  • Will I be able to use it if I'm a Notion beginner? All of our templates are designed so that they are powerful while still being accessible to beginner Notion users. Set up instructions are included in the template and you will find help sections throughout the template if necessary.
  • Do you offer student discounts? Yes, I do provide a 30% educational discount for students! Send me an email to with your edu-issued email to receive the discount. Please note that the discount cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • What if I still have questions? If you have any questions about the template, feel free to reach out to
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Explorer Travel Planner - Notion Template

44 ratings
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